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Make The Most Of Your Moments

By: Donna Martin

Can you recall the name of your great-grandmother? How about your great-great grandfather?  As Mike and I were walking one day we were trying to remember the names of our ancestors.  We could go back as far as our great-grandparents, but farther back than that we were blank.  Being grandparents ourselves, this was kind of a startling fact to realize that in just one generation from now we might only be a faint memory. 

James 4:14 says, "What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” (NIV).  Depending on where you are in your marriage you may think that being married 40 years is a really long time, or you may be wondering where 40 years has gone.  The reality of life is that it does pass quickly and sooner or later we all realize that.   This fact makes it so important to cherish every day of your life together as a couple.  Live each day with no regrets.  Take time to reconnect, encourage, and love each other.

Maybe it would be better to let the dust collect on the bookshelf and spend the time you would have spent dusting going for a walk with your spouse and talking about your dreams and plans.  Perhaps you could let that last bit of paper work at the office wait until tomorrow and call your spouse to tell her that you will be home early and you will pick up dinner on the way.  Then spend the evening as a family talking, laughing and building memories.

Perhaps when you walk by that garage door that needs painting you can resist the urge to go nag your spouse about when he plans to get it done.  Instead go in and show him respect by thanking him for all the things he has already done to take care of you and your children.  When your spouse starts complaining about her awful day at work maybe you can take the time to hug her and listen to her; giving her sympathy and reassurance -loving her by listening.

Our days don’t always go as planned.  Mine didn’t today.  My list of to do’s has nothing marked off of it.  I felt frustrated; I had set a deadline to write an article and the words would not come.  Mike’s day has been much of the same, and he could sense and understand my frustration.  So what did he do????  He came over and hugged me and spoke words of encouragement and love, no advice, no criticism, just a warm hug and words of love.  It was just the love I needed to motivate me and pull me out of my slump.

Moments are ticking away. Use each moment to strengthen your marriage by encouraging, loving, and making time for your spouse.

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