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Foolishly in Love

By: Donna Martin

Many songs have been written about fools in love.   Most of the lyrics are about people being fools and losing their true love, or being a fool for thinking that they were loved.  Most are really pretty depressing songs.

Many people have been foolish in their relationships.  We see it every day.  People make mistakes, hurt the one they love, say things that they should not say, have affairs.  We have all done foolish things at times.

But sometimes being foolish can be good.  Getting out of the rut and being unpredictable is great for your marriage. 

A friend of mine told me a story about something her husband did early in their marriage.  One week night before going to bed he set all the clocks in the house an hour ahead.  It was not daylight savings time weekend.  She was not aware of what he had done.

The next morning they got up and got ready for work.  They only had one car at the time and she usually took the bus to work, but that morning he said, “Why don’t you let me take you to work today.”

“Are you sure you have time?”  She asked.

“Oh, yes, I have time he answered. 

As they were driving to work he said, “Why don’t we stop at a diner and have breakfast before we go to work?”

“Are you kidding?”  She exclaimed.  “We’ll be late!”

“No, we won’t be late,” he said.  “April Fool’s!”  He teased.  “We have an extra hour.”  Then he told her what he had done.

They had a great time together before going to work.  It has been several years since that morning, but her eyes still sparkle when she relates the story.  Her husband’s little foolish act made a memory that has lasted a lifetime.

Think of something that would really be fun and out of the ordinary to do with or for your spouse. It can actually help “foolproof” your marriage. 

Share with us some good ideas for being “foolishly in love” with your spouse.

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